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Marriage It's In Your Hands

When Bobby was a junior in college, he met a young lady at church in Austin, Texas, and they started dating shortly after. Once he graduated from college a year later, at the age of 23, they decided to get married.

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About the Book

According to a recent study, every 13 seconds, there is one divorce in America. Bobby believes that married couples that know how to communicate, interact, and cooperate effectively and who execute all three of these marital principles consistently will experience long-term marital happiness. Bobby never really considered himself to be a writer and never planned on writing a book about how anyone could have a successful marriage. But after he experienced getting a divorce, he developed a burning desire to help people avoid the frustration, pain, and embarrassment of divorce by inspiring and empowering them to have healthy vitalized marriages. So, Bobby decided to devote seven years of his life to writing a book that teaches couples how to live a married life that reflects the values, principles, and truths of the Bible.

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Audiobook, Marriage It's In Your Hands available on itunes and audible.
Apple books   Marriage It’s in Your Hands: Marriage Is Choosing to Continue to Love and Respect Each Other Despite How We Feel (Unabridged) Bobby L. Sneed, Jr.

Why Bobby Wrote a Book About Marriage

The fact that Bobby should be telling people how they can have a successful marriage as a divorced man sounds kind of presumptuous and surreal to him. Still, Bobby decided to be transparent and do it anyway because the reality is their marriage could have turned out differently. Had they read and applied the practical marital information from a book similar to “Marriage It’s In Your Hands” to help them navigate through the unforeseen challenges that every married couple will face, they could have experienced a different outcome. But unfortunately, that book did not exist, or they couldn’t find it. Deep down, Bobby knew they weren’t alone, and there had to be other married couples facing the same inevitable challenges in their marriages that they met in the areas of communication, monogamy, sexual expectations, conflict resolution, forgiveness, anger, finances, pride, and petty behavior. More than anything, this is what motivated him to write this book.


Welcome to the Podcast of Marriage, Hope & life led by Bobby Sneed. This podcast Will Inspire and empower people to have healthy vitalized marriages and to live a married life that reflects the values, principles, and truths of the bible.

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Marriage its in your hands is a MUST READ!! This book is for men, women, singles as well as engaged and married couples. Anyone can literally get something out of this book. I like to consider it the "Personal Development book" because it truly covers practically every topic you could imagine. It gives you a better understanding of God's view of marriage and how to properly prepare and challenge yourself to be a better partner to your spouse or future spouse. ​


Jennifer Henderson