About Bobby

When Bobby was a junior in college, he met a young lady at church in Austin, Texas, and they started dating shortly after. Once He graduated from college at the age of 23, they decided to get married. After two years of marriage, it flamed out, and they were divorced. The number one reason why Bobby Sneed wrote: "Marriage It's In Your Hands" is to help people avoid the frustration, pain, and embarrassment of divorce by inspiring and empowering them to have healthy, vitalized marriages. The mental and emotional pain of their divorce was his motivation to help other married couples avoid divorce from happing to them. So, with the help of the Holy Spirit, Bobby wrote a book about marriage enrichment that teaches a couple how to live a successful, harmonious married life that reflects the values, principles, and truths of the Bible. Now your marriage doesn't have to end in divorce like Bobby's first marriage did. What makes "Marriage It's In Your Hands" so unique and effective is that it was divinely written from biblical research. The Bible is very practical. There are powerful life-changing principles about marriage throughout the Bible that, if applied, will produce massive results in your marriage. There is more evidence for the Bible's authenticity than any literature of antiquity. You can trust that this marriage book will help you to achieve a healthy, exciting, prosperous marriage because the foundation from which it was derived is from a trustworthy source.