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Are you experiencing frustration, regret, hurt, or disappointment in your marriage? Trust me; there is hope for you and your spouse. You are precisely where Bobby was, feeling hopeless, searching for answers to one of life's most asked question, How can a married couple have a successful Christian marriage. Throughout his troubled marriage, Bobby needed practical ways or a road map to living a married life that reflected a biblical standard. He needed a book like Marriage It's In Your Hands. 

This is what makes Marriage It's In Your Hands so unique. It's loaded with easy to follow marriage principles that are communicated with inspiration.

Audiobook, Marriage It's In Your Hands is now available on iTunes and Audible.
Apple books Marriage It’s in Your Hands: Marriage Is Choosing to Continue to Love and Respect Each Other Despite How We Feel (Unabridged) Bobby L. Sneed, Jr.

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Audiobook, Marriage It's In Your Hands avalible on audible and itunes.