Hi, Im Bobby and I would like to be your relationship coach. I offer one-on-one or couple's coaching. Either way you can't go wrong.

I am a certified facilitator with Prepare/Enrich. You can not access their resources unless you have been certified through their program. As a certified facilitator, I help couples identify their relationship strengths, gain understanding about the underlying dynamics that influence their communication, and help couples develop skills to improve their growth areas. I am not a counselor or therapist. I do not provide counseling, I provide coaching to couples in distress. A counselor seeks to understand and figure out why you behave the way you do. A relationship/marriage coach would strategically help you to make better decisions that would ultimately lead to better life outcomes. I hope this helps clarify what my services would provide.

Are you experiencing frustration, regret, hurt, or disappointment in your marriage? Trust me; there is hope for you and your spouse. You are precisely where I was, feeling hopeless, searching for answers to one of life's most asked question, How can a married couple have a successful Christian marriage. Throughout my troubled marriage, I needed practical ways or a road map to living a married life that reflected a biblical standard.
Marriage one-on-one coaching and marriage counseling with Bobby Sneed the author of Marriage It's In Your Hands..

Prepare/Enrich is an online assessment. The assessment tailor itself to the unique stage and structure of each couple's relationship, as well as to the larger cultural context in which they live.

More than 4,000,000 couple have prepared for marriage or enriched their relationship through taking the P/E assessment and working with a Certified Facilitator. The assessment itself has been proven to improve relationship satisfaction; however there is something extraordinary about the relationship a Facilitator develops with a couple that truly helps the couple grow more than they would on their own.



  • They get a confidential, easy, online way to assess their relationship.

  • The report is customized and personally relevant to each couple.

  • Prepare/Enrich primes them for exploring deeper into their relationship.

  • Conversation is stimulated when couples see their Couple's Report

  • Couples receive feedback using exercises in the Couple's Workbook.

  • Couples get help identifying relationship strengths and potential issues.

  • Couples learn useful relationship skills they can apply to current and future issues in their relationship.


  • Online couple assessment

  • Primes the couple for relevant and revealing discussion

  • Identifies strengths and growth areas

  • Feedback & teaching relationship skills

  • Communication and Conflict Resolution

  • Closeness and Flexibility

  • Stress Management

  • The Most Versatile Assessment Versions and Counting...

Here what you can expect when you contact Bobby

  • Fill out the contact form to request the cllient information form.

  • Fill out the client information form and email it back to me within 24 hours of receiving the form. I will email you back to schedule a free phone consultation.

  • Consultation: A free 15-minute phone consultation to see if relational consulting and coaching is a fit for you.

  • Each session is a one-on-one 50 minute phone call or ZOOM session with me.

  • Pricing: This is not  FREE consulting and coaching. Rates will be discussed  during your free consultation.

  • The Results: You can expect to have AWESOME results!  

My Guarantee

Coaching clients are never locked into a long-term coaching agreement. All coaching is paid on a monthly or weekly basis so you can stop any time. If you would like to book a complimentary 1:1 marital or relational coaching session please email us at or give us a call.

Our hours of operation are Monday- Saturday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

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