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You Can Have a Fulfilling Marriage If You Develop The Right Marriage Habits.

The # 1 Reason Why Bobby wrote 
"Marriage It's In Your Hands" 
is to help people avoid the frustration, pain, and embarrassment of divorce 
by inspiring and empowering them to have healthy vitalized marriages. 

About Your Author 
Bobby L. Sneed, Jr.
(Best-Selling Author)

Bobby never really considered himself to be a writer, He just knew he wanted to help people avoid the frustration, pain, and embarrassment of divorce by inspiring and empowering them to have healthy vitalized marriages after his first divorce.  So, Bobby wrote a book that will empower married couples to effectively communicate, cooperate and interact with each other.
When he was a junior in college, he met a young lady at church in Austin, Texas and they started dating shortly after. Once He graduated from college at the age of 23 they decided to get married. After two years of marriage, it flamed out and they were divorced.

The fact that he should be telling people how they can have a successful marriage as a divorced man sounds kind of presumptuous to him. Still, he has decided to do it anyway because the reality is their marriage could have turned out differently had they read and applied the practical information from a book similar to Marriage It’s In Your Hands to help them navigate through the unforeseen challenges that every married couple will face.

But unfortunately, that book did not exist, or they couldn’t find it. Bobby knew they weren’t alone, and there had to be other married couples facing the same inevitable challenges in their marriages that they experienced in the areas of communication, monogamy, sexual expectations, conflict resolution, forgiveness, anger, finances, pride, and petty behavior.

Bobby believes that married couples that know how to communicate, interact, and cooperate effectively and who execute all three of these marital principles consistently will experience long-term marital happiness.


The pain of their divorce was his motivation to help other couples avoid divorce from happening to them.

So, with the help of the Holy Spirit, Bobby wrote a book about marriage that teaches couples how to live a married life that reflects the values, principles, and truths of the Bible.

Now your marriage doesn't have to end in divorce like Bobby's first marriage did.

Bobby passionately believes if more married couples had the opportunity to learn from the negative experiences of other married couples, they would have more insight knowledge available to help save their own marriages from certain disaster.

What makes "Marriage It's In Your Hands" so unique and effective is that it was divinely written from biblical research. The Bible is very practical. There are powerful life-changing principles pertaining to marriage throughout the Bible that if applied, will produce massive results in your marriage. There is more evidence for the Bible’s authenticity than for any literature of antiquity. You can trust this marriage book will help you to achieve a healthy, exciting, prosperous marriage because the foundation from which it was derived is from a trustworthy source.

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According to a recent study, every 13 seconds, there is one divorce in America. 
That's nearly 6,000 divorces per day. 
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  • Promise yourself you will readjust your schedule to read the entire book in 21 days or less. No EXCUSES! Make the commitment if not for yourself for your spouse.
  • Consistently apply what you've read to your marriage.
  • Experience marital enrichment and happiness in a little as 21 days.
Marriage, It’s In Your Hands is a step by step guide that will help any PERSON become a great life partner in a heterosexual marriage relationship.


Are you experiencing frustration, regret, hurt or disappointment in your marriage, trust me there is hope for you and your spouse. You are exactly where Bobby was, feeling hopeless, searching for answers, hoping he could find someone who would understand how he felt and what he was experiencing as a married man. 

Bobby needed practical ways to live a married life that reflected the values, principles, and truths of the Bible. He needed a book like Marriage It's In Your Hands. 

That's what makes “Marriage It’s In Your Hands,” so unique because it's loaded with practical marital applications that are communicated with inspiration. In short, Bobby's goal for writing this book was for couples to experience life change in their marriages.

Bobby believes that the practical biblical solutions in this book will empower married couples to effectively communicate, cooperate and interact with each other in a healthy and loving way.
Here are a few things anyone can learn  from reading this book. 
Marriage, It’s In Your Hands helps couples...
  •  Create a safe place in their marriage where they feel appreciated, understood, and affirmed allowing the manifestation of healthy collaboration with each other - pg. 192
  • Discover their strengths and identify growth areas - pg. 128
  • Learn practical relationship skills to apply to current and future challenges in the relationship -pg. 84
  • Earn more money for spending - pg. 172
  • Become great parents - pg.169
  • Find out why men cheat so you can avoid it - pg. 235
  • Find out why women cheat so you can avoid it - pg. 236
  • Learn how to become a better listener - pg. 191
  • Overcome petty behavior and immature selfishness, allowing them to enjoy the oneness of marriage - pg. 178
  • Develop a mission statement for your marriage - pg. 129
  • Reestablish trust after an emotional or physical betrayal -pg. 113
  • Explore factors that lead to relationship longevity -pg. 94
  • Strengthen their communication and conflict resolution skills -pg. 186
  • Comfortably discuss financial issues -pg. 184
  • Build a more intimate and long-lasting, successful relationship or marriage - pg. 1
  • Find out what pornography does to your brain, how it will eventually destroy your marriage and what you can do to overcome it - pg. 222
  • As a man, you will discover what the biblical definition of a husband is and how to become one -pg. 7
  • As a woman, you will discover what the biblical definition of a wife is and how to become one -pg. 253
  • Find out the 8 marriage systems you must implement in your marriage to make it successful -pg. 166
  • The five steps to relational Win-Win outcomes - pg. 194
  • The formula for a successful marriage - pg. 97
  • Find out why couples that pray together stay together - pg.195
Bobby, your book, Marriage It’s in your hands is awesome. I truly love the fact that it is biblically-based. As a wife, I feel it has been very helpful in guiding me in the right direction. The fact that you have laid out the honest truth in such a wonderful book is great. I would recommend your book to anyone, especially the unmarried people, who are truly wanting a marriage designed by God. Thank you for your hard work, and I look forward to being able to read more of your materials in the future. Thank God for you and the anointing that he has on your life to be able to do his work and in such a wonderful way.
 – Avaire Patterson Kemuel  
– Branston Cyphers
Every man who is planning on getting married or who is already married needs to read this book!

You can tell the author goes above and beyond with the material he put into this book. Although this book is a spiritual book it can be enjoyed by anyone no matter their beliefs. I will recommend this book to anyone interested in getting control of their life, mind, love, and family.

You Can Have a Fulfilling Marriage If You Have Healthy Marriage Habits.

Order the book NOW @ Or Read It For FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Marriage its in your hands is a MUST READ!! This book is for men, women, singles as well as engaged and married couples. Anyone can literally get something out of this book. I like to consider it the "Personal Development book" because it truly covers practically every topic you could imagine. It gives you a better understanding of God's view of marriage and how to properly prepare and challenge yourself to be a better partner to your spouse or future spouse. It definitely challenged me to take a look at myself and my motives to become the person who I am supposed to be when I am ready to marry. Thank you, Bobby Sneed! The book was life-changing!! :)
– Jennifer Henderson


  •  Will this book empower a man to become a husband to his bride, not just be married to her?
  • Is this book any different from other marriage books?
  • Will this book empower a woman to become a wife, not just be a married woman?
  • Will this book prepare me for marriage if I am single and desire to be married?
  • Will this book prepare me for marriage if I am currently divorced and desire to get married again?
  • Can you guarantee this book will enrich my life and marriage?
The answer to all these questions is absolutely YES! 
Let’s be honest: No matter if you are single, engaged, married or divorced, we all have these same questions and could use more guidance. A great marriage is worthwhile if you learn who you need to become to have a great marriage. The last couple years you’ve been doing it right or you have been doing it wrong. 

Proper preparation prevents poor performance in relationships. As he teaches these biblical principles to men and women who are single, engaged, married and divorced, Bobby discovered that reading the right book at the right time is a powerful experience.
If these questions resonate with you, then congratulations, you’re on the right path!

All the guidance, support, and direction you’re seeking is right here. Bobby has supported many people seeking guidance in marriage and relational care. He was always taught to seek counsel, not opinions and then pass it on. 

After reading Marriage It’s In Your Hands, you will have access to specialized knowledge and expertise experiencing firsthand , Bobby’s unique and effective methods of combining spiritual principles with practical tools and relevant applicable wisdom empowering you to know with confidence an outstanding marriage can be your reality.
We continually learn and educate ourselves about all things except the most important relationship in our lives outside our relationship with God. Why? Success must be on purpose and our marriages are no different! This book will help you become successful in your marriage.
 – Onome Ufomata
I highly recommend this book to anyone that is married, single, or in a relationship!!!! "Marriage It's In Your Hands" clearly explains God's meaning of biblical marriage and why that should be our ultimate goal as a married couple. This book helps you discover personal weak areas that you probably did not know existed and how it can lead to the destruction of your marriage. The author did such an amazing job in helping us put it all into perspective. 
 – Elizabeth Rodriguez
I’m grateful you’re here and our paths crossed. I believe that our paths crossed for a reason. I don’t necessarily know why, but I definitely do not think it was by luck or chance. I pray my book blesses your relationship with God and your marriage in a unique and extraordinary way. I’m praying for you and I love you. 

Wishing you massive success and happiness,

Bobby L. Sneed, Jr.
marriage, faith, love, wedding, engagement, relationship advice, marriage counseling, couples therapy, couples counseling, primatial counseling, marriage advice, relationship problems, wedding advice, marriage help, marriage tips, marriage guidance, marriage issues, communication in marriage, marriage books, Christian, Christian marriage books, best marriage books

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