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Are you ready to take your marriage to the next level?

Hi, my name is Bobby Sneed and I am an author, life coach and certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator. For over 7 years I've worked with dating, engaged, or married couples in churches, counseling centers, and communities. 

I help couples identify their relationship strengths, gain understanding about the underlying dynamics that influence their communication, and then help couples develop skills to improve their growth areas.

I coach couples in facilitator/couple relationships, small groups, retreats, marriage mentor programs, church-wide formats, and many other settings.

My coaching sessions will guide pre-marital and marital couples into relevant conversations about their strength areas, growth areas, and potential blind spots. 

I believe it is very important to keep the flame that initially ignited the relationship burning strong by giving couples the opportunity to discover themselves and their relationship in new ways. 

The value a couple gains from the insight of our sessions  enables them to understand the why behind what is going on to bring healing and restoration to their relationships.
Prepare/Enrich is an online assessment. The assessment tailors itself to the unique stage and structure of each couple's relationship, as well as to the larger cultural context in which they live.

More than 4,ooo,ooo couples have prepared for marriage or enriched their relationship through taking the P/E assessments and working with a Certified Facilitator. The assessment itself has been proven to improve relationship satisfaction; however there is something extraordinary about the relationship a Facilitator develops with a couple that truly helps the couple grow more than they would on their own.

The real program can only be accessed through a trained Prepare-Enrich facilitator.

As a trained facilitator for the program, I always recommend an initial assessment session of couples therapy to discuss your relationship and if the program is appropriate for your relationship. (It may not be appropriate if you and your partner have serious relationship problems to work through that need lots of in depth attention.)

1. If the program is a good fit, you have the option of starting it with me during session #2. If it is not, you have the option of starting traditional couples coaching at session #2.

2. After the assessment session, couples who decide to do the program begin by taking an online assessment at home which takes most people about 30 minutes. Then, your results are sent to me via email.

3. Once I receive the results, I prepare your personalized couples' report and review the results of it with you during our eight sessions.

4. Each session consists of reviewing the results in select areas and completing program activities which you will receive in your couples workbook. And in between sessions, there is usually homework for you and your partner to complete before returning.
How Much Does It Cost?
The cost for the program is my standard session fee of $145 per session plus a one-time $37 online assessment fee (the online assessment fee is for couples only). The one-time $37 on-line assessment fee is paid directly on the Prepare/Enrich website.  Once you send me a valid email address for yourself and your significant other you will both receive an email with a link and Login Code to access the P/E website to begin the assessment. Once either of you login to take the online assessment the first person to login will be prompted to pay the one-time $37 assessment fee. This covers the assessment fee for both you and your partner and can be paid by credit card.

How Long Does It Take To Complete?
The full program can be done in 4 standard sessions with me (50-minutes once a week for 4 weeks). In total, I encourage couples to plan for 5 sessions (1 free assessment session + 4 program sessions).

I recommend that couples start with an initial assessment session (a non-program session), and then begin the program at session #2 if we deem that it would be a good fit for you.

Some couples also opt to schedule a follow-up session 1-3 months following their completion of the program.
The program seems to work best for couples who are getting married within the next 6-12 months, or who have just recently married. However, many couples do the program right before their wedding.

Can You Guarantee Specific Results?
The process to achieve the desired results takes work. I love Prepare/Enrich and I deeply believe in the principles that make this unique assessment valuable to every couple who will not make excuses, that will show up and do the work. However, the results are up to the individual couples. If a couple is serious about relational change, they will show up and do the work.
What If I Don't Like The P/E Coaching Sessions? Do You Give Refunds?
No. Due to the nature of the coaching sessions there will be no refunds given.
I don’t guarantee or warrant relational or marital results. << My attorneys make me say that.

BONUS: You will also receive a complementary PDF copy of my book, Marriage It's In Your Hands when you sign up for P/E couples coaching.
When you sign up for private couples coaching with Bobby, you receive: 

Prepare/Enrich 4 Coaching  
Sessions – $578

Prepare/Enrich Couples 
Online Assessment – $37(one-time fee) 

1 Complementary PDF Copy of Marriage It's In Your Hands  

Total Couples Coaching 
Package – $578(tax included) 

For 4 sessions Couples Coaching Pay In Full $578 with PayPal

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Why should you read a book about a failed marriage? 

So that you can learn what NOT to do in your marriage. 

In America, there is one divorce approximately every 13 seconds. That's nearly 6,000 divorces per day.

I believe if more married couples had the opportunity to learn from the negative experiences of other married couples, they would have more insight knowledge available to help save their own marriages from certain disaster.
We need the negative to alarm us. Imagine you're driving down a country road. Up ahead, the bridge is out, but there are no signs to warn you. Somebody who's already been down the road has had a colossal wreck. He is limping back up the road as you're speeding along. He flags you down, and he advises you not to go down this road any further because the bridge is out. Would you be wise to say, "I'm not into that negative stuff. Mind your own business!" and head down the road? No! Once you've taken a look at this guy, and it appears that he's been in a wreck, the wise response would be, "Hey, I'd better take it easy. I'd better not go down this road. Somebody's been down this road, and he had a disaster. I'm going to take his advice and change my direction."
When I was a junior in college, I met a young lady at church in Austin, Texas and we started dating shortly soon after. After I graduated from college we decided to get married. After two years of marriage, it flamed out and we were divorced.

I knew we weren't alone and there had to be other married couples facing the same inevitable challenges in their marriages that we faced in the areas of communication, monogamy, sexual expectations, conflict resolution, forgiveness, anger, finances, pride and petty behavior.
The reality is our marriage could have turned out differently had we read and applied the practical information from a book similar to “Marriage It’s In Your Hands,” to help us navigate through the unforeseen challenges that every married couple could face. But unfortunately, that book did not exist or we simply couldn’t find it. So, with the help of the Holy Spirit I wrote a book that teaches couples how to live a married life that reflects the values, principles, and truths of the Bible.

I have great news for you! Your marriage doesn't have to end in divorce like mine did.

If you are experiencing frustration, regret, hurt or disappointment in your marriage, trust me there is hope for you and your spouse. You are exactly where we were, feeling hopeless, searching for answers, hoping we could find someone who would understand how we felt and what we were experiencing as a married couple. We needed practical ways to live a married life that reflected the values, principles, and truths of the Bible. That's what makes “Marriage It’s In Your Hands,” so unique because it is loaded with practical marital applications that are communicated with inspiration. In short, my goal for writing this book was for couples to experience life change in their marriages.
Here is what you can expect from reading this book. Marriage, It’s In Your Hands helps couples...
  •  Create a safe place in their marriage where they feel appreciated, understood, and affirmed allowing the manifestation of healthy collaboration with each other - pg. 192
  • Discover their strengths and identify growth areas - pg. 128
  • Learn practical relationship skills to apply to current and future challenges in the relationship -pg. 84
  • Earn more money for spending - pg. 172
  • Become great parents - pg.169
  • Find out why men cheat so you can avoid it - pg. 235
  • Find out why women cheat so you can avoid it - pg. 236
  • Learn how to become a better listener - pg. 191
  • Overcome petty behavior and immature selfishness, allowing them to enjoy the oneness of marriage - pg. 178
  • Develop a mission statement for your marriage - pg. 129
  • Reestablish trust after an emotional or physical betrayal -pg. 113
  • Explore factors that lead to relationship longevity -pg. 94
  • Strengthen their communication and conflict resolution skills -pg. 186
  • Comfortably discuss financial issues -pg. 184
  • Establish personal, mutual, and family goals -pg. 179
  • Build a more intimate and long-lasting, successful relationship or marriage - pg. 1
  • Find out what pornography does to your brain, how it will eventually destroy your marriage and what you can do to overcome it - pg. 222
  • As a man, you will discover what the biblical definition of a husband is and how to become one -pg. 7
  • As a woman, you will discover what the biblical definition of a wife is and how to become one -pg. 253
  • Find out the 8 marriage systems you must implement in your marriage to make it successful -pg. 166
  • The five steps to relational Win-Win outcomes - pg. 194
  • The formula for a successful marriage - pg. 97
  • Find out why couples that pray together stay together - pg.195
You now have the unique opportunity with one the click of a button to have access to a book that can change everything for you and your marriage. 
Don't Wait Order Marriage It's In Your Hands Today !
We continually learn and educate ourselves about all things except the most important relationship in our lives outside our relationship with God. Why? Success must be on purpose and our marriages are no different! This book will help you become successful in your marriage.
 – Onome Ufomata
Bobby, your book, Marriage It’s in your hands is awesome. I truly love the fact that it is biblically based. I've never been married, but feel it is very helpful in guiding me in the right direction whenever and if that time comes. The fact that you have laid out the honest truth in such a wonderful book is great. I would recommend your book to anyone, especially the unmarried people, who are truly wanting a marriage designed by God. Thank you for your hard work, and I look forward to being able to read more of your materials in the future. Thank God for you and the anointing that he has on your life to be able to do his work and in such a wonderful way.
 – Avaire Patterson
To start all I can say is wow!!! I was going through a rough patch with the mother of kid a few months back. We had been together for 4 years and I was pushing her away with my unacceptable behavior. I was approached by the author Bobby at church and he mentioned to me about reading his book. He knew I was having problems at home and he assured me that everything I need to know is in his book.

So I started reading "Marriage It's In Your Hands" and it immediately opened my eyes to what I really did not know about relationships. The book is absolutely amazing and it's easy to read which makes it very easy to comprehend. He uses personal experiences as well as other researched material to make the reader fully understand how relationships work. My life has been in a positive outcome ever since I read his book and my lady appreciates what it has done for us as well. This book will blow you away with the break down on the different characteristics of men/women mindset and why things happen the way they do.

You can tell the author goes above and beyond with the material he put into this book. Although this book is a spiritual book it can be enjoyed by anyone no matter their beliefs. I will recommend this book to anyone interested in getting control of their life, mind, love and family.
– Branston Cyphers

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I currently reside in Houston, Texas and attend Lakewood Church. At my first time visiting Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas I got the unique opportunity to meet Pastor Joel Osteen and talk about my book with him. Joel is super friendly and very genuine. The person you see on social media and hear on SiriusXM radio is in my opinion who he is when he is not ministering from those platforms.
I believe with all my heart that a divine authority empowered me to write this book for the sole purpose of helping to save and strengthen marriages and prevent divorce allowing me to have the deepest impact to serve couples at the highest level. 
After reading, “Marriage: It’s In Your Hands,” you will have the confidence to know with certainty: an outstanding marriage is more than a dream, it can be your reality.

This book will empower men and women to live a married life that reflects the values, principles, and truths of the Bible.
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When you make a generous donation to All That I am Ministries, your gift allows us to further our mission to "help save and strengthen marriages, prevent divorce and domestic violence." A portion of all donated proceeds will go to the Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation which runs and supports programs that directly align with their mission "Uplifting individuals and communities around the world by demonstrating God's love for His people." Through these programs, we believe that we can bring joy, hope, resources, and opportunities for individuals to feel God's love regardless of their situation. Thank you for your generous donation.
I’m grateful you’re here and our paths crossed. I believe that our paths crossed for a reason. I don’t necessarily know why, but I definitely do not think it was by luck or chance. I pray my book blesses your relationship with God and your marriage in an unique and extraordinary way.

Wishing you massive success and happiness,

Bobby L. Sneed Jr.
I highly recommend this book to anyone that is married, single, or in a relationship!!!! "Marriage It's In Your Hands" clearly explains God's meaning of biblical marriage and why that should be our ultimate goal as a married couple. This book helps you discover personal weak areas that you probably did not know existed and how it can lead to destruction of your marriage. The Author did such an amazing job in helping us put it all into perspective. As a soon to be bride I can't help but to feel so lucky to have found such an amazing Godly man to share the rest of my life with!!! Reading this book just helped me want to become the BEST wife a man could ever ask for on another level!!!!!!!!
 – Elizabeth Rodriguez
Marriage its in your hands is a MUST READ!! This book is for men, women, singles as well as engaged and married couples. Anyone can literally get something out of this book. I like to consider it the "Personal Development book" because it truly covers practically every topic you could imagine. It gives you a better understanding of God's view of marriage and how to properly prepare and challenge yourself to be a better partner to your spouse or future spouse. It definitely challenged me to take a look at myself and my motives to become the person who I am supposed to be when I am ready to marry. Thank you, Bobby Sneed! The book was life-changing!! :)
– Jennifer Henderson
Marriage It's in your hands is an extraordinary global look at preparation for marriage as an individual, with a significant other and provides tools to use for those already married. Sneed references several great marriage resources such as Love And Respect and the Five Love Languages. The discussion about relationship dynamics really had me considering how much of my interactions are Win-Win at home with my spouse. The advice to wait 12-18 months to marry is sound and aligns with my own Bishop's advice. Sneed's guide is comprehensive and much of it is "on point". There are challenges for both women and men to grow into a Godly spouse before ever committing to a marriage. Sneed's transparency about his own struggles with the "weeds" that destroy marriage make him vulnerable yet trustworthy because the reader can be confident he knows and has lived his content. While some examples are in too great of detail, making for a longer read, such as the car maintenance schedule section, the overall body of work is valuable and clearly well researched. Sneed has produced a contemporary marriage handbook for the modern Christian single, notably written by a layperson, a school mate, and a personal friend. May God continue to inspire Sneed as he impacts his generation regarding Christian marriage.
– Marinette Martin.

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